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Other services we offer include:


Audio restoration

Our experience and love for audio quality allow us to work on a variety of scenarios where audio is compromised.

We obtain the best result possible by using dedicated audio restoration softwares such as WaveLabs, iZotope RX and Waves.

Re-Mastering from vinyl

This is a grey area where a set of skills (in audio restoration and mastering) are essential to obtain the best result, capturing all the fashion of vinyl and remastering it to optimise it for digital platforms such as Spotify, TIDAL, and iTunes.


We occasionally offer mixing services on specific projects.

Online Mixing and Mastering Master Classes / Tuitions

Teaching is a serious commitment. Manuel is a HE lecturer in Art Of Mixing and Mastering (Levels 4 and 5)

at Point Blank Music School (in partnership with Middlesex University London).

Manuel also regularly hosts Masterclass and Academic Workshops in Sound Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering.

If you are looking  for any of these services,

we'll be happy to discuss your project and your needs with you.

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