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Nicola Serra

I've been working with Manuel since 2018 across different projects of mine doing both mastering and 121s masterclass covering customised topics related to advanced sound engineering techniques.
Manuel is very knowledgeable and professional as well as being always available to help with some feedback about my production or mixing too. I'm planning to book more 121s masterclass to perfect my mixing skills starting next month or so.
Manuel is definitely my go-to engineer.

Miguel Seabra

Manuel is super knowledgeable and helpful!
Really recommend doing a Masterclass if you want to take your audio engineering skills to the next level.


Working with Manuel was a pleasure! The master sounds perfect - brought the whole song to a next level! Manuel also sent it to me within 24 hours which was very fast! I'm more than happy with the service and the result.

Dylan Glanz

Manuel brought my songs to a whole new level. After giving me some feedback on my mix, he was able to achieve the power and energy that my track needed. He delivered a high quality master in no time and I was completely satisfied with the final result.

Byron Gold

Manuel is the one! Quick, helpful and gets the job done. He mastered 5 of my tracks in the space of a just few days, even had some issues with the pre-mix that he managed to point out and sort for me. First time working with him and my masters sound just as good (some tracks even better) as when I go to the big league studios

Keys Unlimited

Manuel is a very talented and passionate, mastering engineer. I have won a giveaway yes but gained more than that. He gave me feedback over my track, tips over my mixing skills and just the way how he mastered it. SUPER!! Thank you again so much Manuel ! It was such a pleasure to meet and to work with you. It will not end here!

I highly recommend using the services of MasterYourTrack. Thank you.

Joan Retamero

Working with Manu is more than everything, a real pleasure. He is not only a real professional but also a great person. We worked in lots of tracks together and all of them have reached prestigious labels and artists.
It is a real honor to have him working with me!!!!
He is always available and open for everything needed to do a great job.

Fleuve Congo

It was great working with masteryourtrack, our album was mastered quickly and well. Manuel is not only very professional, but also very kind and overall great to work with ! We strongly advise you to choose him for the mastering of your next project.

Sétay & Les Passiflores

We worked with "Master Your Track" for our first studio album. It was our first time working with them and I must say that we were enchanted !
The delivery was super quick and we were totally satisfied with the quality of the masters. Top notch !


Working with Manuel has been an absolute pleasure for us. He has been really professional since the first time and he helped us achieving exactly what we wanted not only by making every sound really defined and on its space, but also giving the different parts a better dynamic and a really nice texture in a way that makes the whole EP sounding very original. Moreover, he also gave us some very useful advises to improve our future productions. In a few words, really talented and professional engineer and especially a super nice guy to work with. Big up!


Very fast deliver, literally max 2 days after first contact. Great analog warm Masters! Definitely recommend!

Geometrical Recordings

Great Mastering Engineer.
Here at the label we trust Manuel to make sure our music is up to the industry´s standards.

Il Santo Bevitore

I contacted Manuel for mastering my last EP. As the production was quite dark and bassy, it was lacking of brightness on the top spectrum. I asked Manuel if he could do fix it within the mastering without changing the mix. He did a good job achieving an overall great balance and after the mastering I was able again to hear some nice details of the production.

Nicola Mangialardo

Manuel has the perfect balance between art and science. He can easily make everything sound perfect respecting the artist’s choice. Working with him
is just as simple as that.


Manuel is very professional. Treated me with respect as a client, listened patiently and gave me back a high-quality master. Very happy working with him.

No Profit Music

Manuel is a fantastic Mixing and Mastering Engineer.
One of those guys who are really interested in the artist's satisfaction as a result of the mixing and mastering process. Professionalism and competence are all in and obviously a great attention to details.
The respect for the artistic choices and the possibility to communicate are two of the reason why I choose Manuel as a Mastering and Mixing Engineer for my tracks and I recommend him!

Bryan KM

Manuel is the consummate professional when it comes to Mastering. He understood straight away what I was aiming for and even gave great insight on the production techniques used on the reference track I provided. Manuel was quick to respond to my messages and delivered the final master quicker than expected. Really happy with the service and especially happy with the sound!


Working with Manuel has been a pleasure. Thanks to his insight on mix evaluation, the song reaches its full potential even before mastering. Manuel delivers the master quickly and it sounds fantastic!

Mariana Murdocco

I love working with Manuel. He is really professional and thorough with his work. He really listens to what you ask for and guides you to get the best result. Working with him has given me the confidence to know that my tracks will sound at the right industry levels.
We are working on a third track now, and I feel very confident that we are to get the best possible sound! He is particularly great with the vocal work, as a singer that is very important to me ; )
I highly recommend him!

Tenday Mutongerwa

It was a pleasure working with Manuel.
The quality of work, efficiency, and strong work ethic are both impressive and inspiring.
Our first work together but not the last.

Crazy Little Asian

Manuel has been an absolute joy to work with. I was going through quite a lot during the time we recorded and he helped me get through that and all the way through the mixing/mastering of the track we did together called "Coffee and Lullabies" - it's a very special song for me as it's one of the first toplines I've written independently.

The track is impeccable and done with so much movement that doesn't distract from the meaning of the song. Easy communication and empathetic to your needs! Thank you so much for this experience.

It's really a no-brainer if you're looking for a top master engineer slash magician!!

Jivey Jay

I work with Manuel since 2016, always on point. He's my go-to person for my mastering.


I had a really good experience with Manuel. He was able to guide me through my mixing stage and give me some valuable feedback and tips. His mastering is clean and he uses a mix of both analog and digital technology which is what I prefer to get the best results. Also, his work is not restricted to one genre which is amazing. Definitely one of the best works I’ve had on my music. Thanks a lot.


Great service. Manuel delivered everything super quickly and was very communicative when amending and tweaking things until I was satisfied with the result.
Thank you!

HH Beatz

It was a pleasure working with Manuel, he is the most professional and passionate music engineer I know.
His mastering service is top-notch and he is always helpful, answering all my questions.
If you need to master your track I definitely recommend his service, You will be in good hands!

Tales Collective Records

We've been working with Manuel as a Mastering Engineer quite a few times now and he has always done an amazing job, giving the tracks the right improvements and enhancements respecting the main characteristics and style of the tracks.
Moreover, he is super professional and has a great attitude when having to deal with the artists requests.
Highly recommend!


I'm working with Master Your Track regularly. The quality is impressive, and the price is competitive!
Every time I look for the top-notch quality,
they are my go-to choice

Dronica Festival

We contacted Manuel in occasion of 'N16 9ES', a compilation we co-released with Rome's record label, pseudomagica, to celebrate the three years of the festival. Re-mastering the whole compilation was a tough work considering the diversity of the 15 tracks and the artists themselves, moving accurately between very different musical genres, and we were really satisfied of Manuel's work, who made, despite all the differences, the whole compilation sounds organic.

Red Dog Records

Has been working with Manuel on mixing and I must say, he’s really good. Such a respect for this guy who has done an amazing job! Love his workflow and the fact that he’s taking care of every single sound in the mix. It was a pleasure to see how to mix a song properly.


Manuel has worked on a total of 15 tracks of mine across 2 separate projects doing a combination of both mixing and mastering. He is a true Engineer and Artist. His experience, knowledge and passion for sound and music helps deliver the best results. He will elevate what’s provided to him to it’s full potential. Manuel has always gone the extra mile when working with me and has helped me on improving my own skills as well. For all of these reasons, he has become my go-to engineer.

Worthmore & Soulful

It was great to work with Manuel, we were able to grab a coffee and have a chat about our project before sending him the music. Starting from this first low budget and independent production, our primary goal was to get these masters to sound good back to back, but what’s fantastic is his also timing: got to work immediately, and even though we asked him to change some details a couple of times he got back to us in a blink of an eye with all the modifications.


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