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We have always been suggested not to mix on headphone for many reasons such as: spending too much time with headphones on is dangerous for our ears; the mix won't translate well on speakers; you are more subject to ear fatigue, etc. But there are some exceptions when headphones become very handy.

Here are my 4 Top Tips on using headphones while mixing for specific purposes.

Check the low end

If you work in a not treated room, a good pair of headphones are useful to check if your low frequencies sound right. With the headphones, you'll avoid all the room issues related to phase cancellation.

Check FXs

Turned up that headphones are handy when applying reverbs and delay. It's unbelievable how well they can give you a good understanding of the amount of FXs.


Headphones are also suitable for editing purposes as noises, pops and clips become very evident.

Check the entire song

Use headphones at the end of the mix to double-check the entire song/track. For this purpose, you should use both studios and commercial headphones/earplugs.

I hope this little article was helpful.


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